Yonkers rolling out red-light cameras at 25 intersections in effort to promote pedestrian safety and diminish incidence of New York car accidents

New York City car accident attorneys are monitoring the six-month rolling installation of 25 red-light cameras throughout Yonkers. Six cameras will be installed in October with the remaining 19 placed by the end of April, the New York Daily News reports.

Intersection locations were selected based on car accident and red-light data collected from traffic reports generated by the Yonkers Police Department. Cameras will capture license plate information and a no-point $50 citation will be issued to the vehicle owner, regardless of who was driving at the time the infraction was committed.
Yonkers now joins New York City, Rochester, Nassau and Suffolk Counties and 700 communities nationwide that have turned to installing the devices to promote safety, diminish accidents and generate income from ticket fees. New York City began installing the red-light cameras in 1993, and by 2005 had seen a 73 percent drop in the number of red-light violations issued in the city.

“We have shown a strong commitment to motor vehicle safety in Yonkers with a number of traffic and pedestrian improvements during the course of my administration. Red light cameras are yet another proven technology that will make Yonkers safer for drivers, passengers and pedestrians,” said Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone.

“These cameras will help our police department keep intersections across the city safe by reducing red-light runners, accidents and injuries through the use of technology, and will free up our patrol officers to focus on drunken and reckless drivers, and to respond to other serious crimes.”

According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, red-light running is the leading cause of injury in urban car accidents. More than 20 percent of urban car accidents involve blowing a red light and 4 out of 10 of those crashes resulted in injuries. In 2008, 762 Americans were killed and about 137,000 others were injured in crashes that happened because a driver ran a red light.

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